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The Finnish Association for Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses

Pientaloteollisuus PTT ry was founded in 1998 by the leading Finnish manufacturers of prefabricated houses. PTT has 15 member companies that cover approximately half of the Finnish market of prefabricated houses.

Detached house is the most desired house type in Finland - over half of the population would want to live in one. PTT's aim is to promote construction of and living in detached houses. Over 70 % of detached houses in Finland are built based on prefabricated solutions.  In 2017 about 7 300 new single-family houses were constructed in Finland.

PTT has also 60 partner companies who manufacture building materilas and building automation. PTT is part of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT.

Contact information: Mr. Kimmo Rautiainen, tel. +358 9 1299 274,